The Bel-Air Motel was built in 1955 by Mr. Michel Cormier, owner of the M.M. Cormier et Cie Ltée, which included a garage and the Bel-Air Restaurant. While traveling to Florida, Mr. Cormier discovered roadside motels and decided to bring the idea home to the Acadian Peninsula. Conveniently located across the street from his other businesses, the Motel initially had eight rooms. With its great reputation and ever-growing clientele, they decided to add an extra six rooms less than 9 years after its construction to offer a total of 14 units.

Over the years, the businesses were sold and on December 4th 2015 the garage and Restaurant were torn down.

In March 2019, the mother/daughter duo, Phuong and Mai Tran, acquired the Motel.

Ms. Phuong is a fearless entrepreneur. After surviving the Vietnam War, she arrived in Canada in 1980 as one of the boat people. From the start, she had to work very hard to provide for her five children. She has now been the owner/operator of the L’Oriental Restaurant for 25 years and she’s always on the look-out for new real estate opportunities. Her openness and extensive experience make her a vigorous entrepreneur her daughter can lean on to sail through this new adventure.

With more than ten years in the artistic world, Mai successfully worked with national and international icons like Véronic DiCaire, Julie Snyder and Céline Dion. After accumulating various experiences such as work in television, show business and a close collaboration with stylist Annie Horth, Mai was ready to come back to the home she loves and was fully prepared to jump into this new business venture.

“I’ve had the chance to develop my artistic side and critical thinking skills while working with Annie for almost 13 years. I remember that while traveling with Annie, she would always make sure that we would discover a new hotel. From the great classics with mythical pasts to the brand-new trendy ones. However, it is with Star Academie that I started in show business. We would travel all over Quebec and New-Brunswick, where I was able to discover a great variety of hotels. I’ve seen it all, believe me!”

“After extensive traveling, it is with much pride that I've come home to welcome our guests in my hometown. I will do my best to show them the values, hospitality and warmth of the Acadian people.”

Together, Phuong and Mai orchestrated renovations for the Bel-Air Motel to be restored to its former glory. Considering the positive feedback from the community and the great clientele, the duo is feeling more energized than ever. New projects may be on the horizon!