Dear customers,

It is with a lot of emotions that we announce the closure of Motel Bel-Air.

πŸ› We didn't plan, 2 years ago, when buying the Motel that a pandemic would hit the planet as we currently live in.

πŸ– It was a short, but beautiful and intense adventure with you. We loved meeting each and every one of you. To welcome you and help you discover our beautiful corner of the country was a real joy! 🌊

🌷 We are grateful for all the support from the community during our short years of operation, we have had the chance to collaborate with several local businesses and collect several touching testimonies from Motel customers through the years... but we are also very grateful for the chance to sell under current conditions.

⛺️ Thank you to all our colleagues in the tourist community, you are a beautiful 'bunch' and we are blessed to have been able to join your troops! Happy summer season to you all 😘

πŸ’ A special thank you to our employees, collaborators and families... Without you, this project would not have been possible 🧑

πŸ₯° This is just the end of a project for us, we continue to be active at Restaurant L'Oriental (Phuong) and Versatile Louis-Mailloux (Mai). We remain women involved entrepreneurs, looking forward to meeting you in our current and future projects πŸ’•

Mai and Phuong

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